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Is Your Appliance Worth Repairing?

Is it Worth Repairing

Appliances generally last for 5 - 15 years, though some will last much longer. While regular maintenance reduces likelihood of failures, the best thing you can do for a long appliance life is to read the Owner's Manual and use the machine as designed.

When a household appliance stops working, you have two choices - repair tor replace. To take the best decision, several factors need to be considered.

First and foremost check up on the age of the appliance and its warranty period. If the appliance is still under warranty, the repair may cost nothing or less than what it would have cost otherwise. 

Assuming that the warranty period is over and that repair is going to be costly, then you need to analyze a few points. You should begin by getting an estimate, through diagnosis, of the cost involved.

If the cost is about 50% or less than that of a new appliance - then it is worth getting the repair done

Otherwise it would make more sense to just upgrade to a newer model. A very old appliance may present you with the problem of hard-to- find spare parts.

Newer models are generally energy efficient. This will translate into considerable savings and over the years the cost will be justified.

Washer Repair
Dryer Repair
Refrigerator Repair
Range/Oven Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Microwave Repair
Garbage Disposal Repair
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