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Refrigeration Repair - 
Fridges and freezers

Columbia All Appliance Repair, and Appliance Professional company, has technicians that work on nearly every make and model of fridge (except LG - sorry!) all over the Midlands. We can help with problems like leaks, temperature issues, icemaker problems, and even strange noises. Our technicians are also great at helping decide between repairing or replacing the appliance.

Our technicians are background checked, drug tested, and highly trained. Our company is licensed, insured, and factory authorized with most major brands to provide the best possible service for your fridge.

​Common Fridge Repairs

  1. Addressing Drainage Concerns: Resolve water pooling and potential food spoilage by clearing clogged or frozen drain lines. Replace any worn gaskets contributing to the blockage.

  2. Ensuring Optimal Temperature Control: Maintain proper temperature in your refrigerator (around 37 degrees Fahrenheit) and freezer (0 degrees Fahrenheit) by checking the thermostat for accurate operation and ensuring proper air circulation within the fridge.

  3. Tackling Water Leaks: Detect and resolve leaks by inspecting water lines for wear. If leaks occur at the back panel or door, address seal issues by replacing any cracked, worn, or loose gaskets.

  4. Fixing Ice Maker Malfunctions: Restore ice production by examining the water line and thermostat. Replace any faulty components to ensure proper operation.

  5. Resolving Defrosting Problems: Identify faulty defrost timers or heaters causing defrosting issues. Replace damaged elements and clear any clogged evaporator coils to improve air circulation.

  6. Addressing Unusual Noises: Eliminate strange noises by checking for loose or worn-out parts. Tighten screws or bolts and consider a replacement refrigerator if issues persist.

  7. Managing Electric Shortages: Identify and replace faulty power cords to address electrical shortages. Additionally, inspect the circuit breaker and fuse for proper functioning.

  8. Eliminating Odors: Combat unpleasant smells by thoroughly cleaning the interior with a baking soda and water solution. Discard spoiled food and inspect seals for cracks or leaks that may contribute to odors.

  9. Resolving Icing Issues: Investigate air circulation and potential thermostat malfunctions leading to icing. Ensure unobstructed air circulation and replace worn or cracked seals to prevent warm air entry.

  10. Ensuring Proper Door Closure: Solve door instability problems by inspecting and replacing worn or loose hinges. Adjusting hinge springs or using a door stop can also help keep the door securely closed.

When encountering any refrigerator issues, carefully examine components for wear and tear, replacing them as needed. If you face challenges beyond your expertise, our professional refrigerator repair technicians are here to assist you.

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