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Stove / Range / Oven Repair
Columbia, SC

In Columbia, SC and surrounding areas, Columbia All Appliance Repair, provides expert stove, range or oven repairs.  We repair all brands and models.   Is your oven not heating? We have you covered.  Is your range not keeping the right temperature?  We still have you covered.   Oh, yes, it is not a good thing to come home, ready to cook that meal; only to find that your range have issues. Of course, we know that it is hard, but try to relax. We are here to help get your stove, range, or oven back up and running, in as little time as possible.

Gas Cooktop With Hood
Installing New Range
Repairing Flat Top Range
Gas Range In Bad Shape

What's Wrong With Your Stove, Range, or Oven?

There are many things that can go wrong with your stove, range or oven.  Take comfort in knowing that, around these parts, we can assist you with your stove, range, or oven repair.  We have experience handling all type of refrigerator issues, to include:

  • One or more burners won't work

  • Oven not getting hot enough

  • Oven won't heat at all

  • Oven won't get the proper temperature

  • Range won't come on at all

  • Stove keeps tripping the breaker

  • Range Burner gets too hot

  • Range Burner won't light

  • Stove Burner won't turn off

  • And  more...

Contact us now and let's get your stove, range, or oven back up and running.

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